Laced Up

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Dirty Ass Chucks And A Bad Bitch Lace Up" - Lace Up by Machine Gun Kelley ft. Lil John

Yasssssss! Lace Up! Get up, get out, make ish happen...all while looking utterly fabulous of course lol (insert hands-in-the-air emoji here)! Typically, in the fashion world, lace is feminine, soft, and demure. The lace in this case is closer to the "Bad Bitch" MGK was referring to in his lyrics. Givenchy has created a fashion-monster when they released their fierce bodysuit worn by equally fierce female celebs. I wanted to emulate that fierce persona within my attire, without breaking my bank. I opted for a very close replica by being a bit Nasty ;-) Nasty Gal's Bad To the Bone Lace Up Bodysuit silly, duh! Cause you know I'm obsessed with black, leather, and lace - Not necessarily in that order either ;-)  This sort of "lace-up" is reminiscent of a sexy corset, but strapped up in front rather from behind (oh my, none of that sounded ok... yes, my mind wanders at times lol). I decided to go all black with my entire outfit, and create an almost identical outfit to the one seen on the runway, Miranda, and Kim by Givenchy. Per usual, I mixed it up with hi-lo labels and let the bodysuit do all the talking ;-) Are you digging the lace-up trend? Tell me how you really feel about it, I'd love to hear your fash-pinion!

Givenchy vs. Nasty Gal
Givenchy Bodysuit
Marjorie Harvey | Miranda Kerr | Ally Brooke | Kim Kardashian | Kris Jenner

Bodysuit: Nasty Gal Bad To the Bone Lace-Up Bodysuit
Leggings: Alaia
Patent Belt: Forever 21
Military Booties: Balmain for Giuseppe Zanotti
Sunglasses: Celine
Diamond Stud Earrings: Tiffany's

Photography by: Sean Marchetti

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