Music and Fashion are two of culture’s most profound influences, which are forever linked. Many of fashion’s most notable trends are inspired by music; And many of music’s most influential artists express themselves through fashion. Mona decided to showcase her love of both influences from her computer screen to yours. She holds a BA in Music, as well as previous Recording and Radio industry work experience, and had the opportunity to work alongside local musicians, penning lyrics and arranging vocal melodies.

Being a first generation born Persian-American, her cultural upbringing demonstrated much of the Monarchy of Iran’s fashion & musical inspiration. Her last name alone, holds a highly prominent statement with Iran’s imperial royalty, prior to the revolution of 1979. The Kiani Crown, undoubtedly known as one of the most fabulous crown jewels made in history, were worn by various dynasty’s of regal Shah’s. From a young age, she had developed her keen eye for style and designWhether up-cycling old garments or the addition of something new, she later utilized her knack for cultivating stylish ensembles by delving into her passion as a Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Organizer.

With the intention to creatively express her love of fashion, music, and cultural influence, The Urban Monarch was born. Drawing inspiration from lavish women in the music industry, high fashion runway trends, and cultural vintage classics soon led to the conception of "Ballin On A Budget": Where one striving to look like a million bucks can do so without having to break the bank. By linking those major elements into one package, she hoped to inspire women with similar interests by displaying her versions of affordable and chic street style. 

Mona Kiani Marchetti, of The Urban Monarch, is a lifestyle Fashion-Meets-Music blogger, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The blog utilizes her fashion, music, and cultural influences to bring you, the reader, high/low fashion composition for the everyday woman and how the marriage of runway fashion and urban music impact such, and of course, the cultural Influence of the extravagant monarchy of her ancestors 
….Hence, The Urban Monarch.

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