Oxblood X Camel

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Sipping On Red Wine...
Color Crimson In My Eyes...
I Feel the Chemicals Burn in My Bloodstream" - Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran

Wine, Crimson, Blood....ohhhhh the many dark red nicknames both myself and Ed Sheeran could agree to disagree upon lol. There's one thing we can, however, agree on: the rich red hue has been rocked by a plethora of street style fashionistas this winter. Not gonna lie, I'm still feeling the color vibes from Love Day, so I took it upon myself to take advantage of the Oxblood color trend into my jeans! All my pieces are being recycled together to create an almost "brand new looking" ensemble, saving the extra money that would have been spent on something new instead towards a nice weekend getaway, or dinner/drinks with friends! Sometimes ya just need to shop your own closet, and this outfit is proof of just that ;-) There are various colors that would complement burgundy jeans (stay tuned for a future "One Piece Many Ways" post real soon!), but I chose to incorporate a couple softer Spring colors such as Camel and a hint of Peony, Brown, & Brass. These past freezing cold rainy days have prevented anything less than a sweater and boots in my wardrobe. My favorite Camel cardigan and leather boots in the same shade, kept me warm over my button front shirt and Oxblood jeans, while my brown braided belt tied it all into place (literally and figuratively lol). I made sure that my brass necklace and bangles matched my warm color palette, as well as the brass-toned hardware of my boot's! My classic LV Speedy's tan monogram matched both my cardi & boots, while the remainder of the deep brown shade of the bag matched my belt. BOOM! This ensemble of mixed hi/low labels, recycled pieces from my closet, and trend-worthy jeans will surely help pay for that red wine I have anticipated sipping on alllllll week LOL (however, hoping to dodge the following side-effects: crimson in my eyes or chemical burn in my bloodstream) ;-) 

Skinny Ankle Jeans in 'Deep Syrah": Paige Verdugo Jeans
Camel Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy (Sold Out), similar affordable options here, here, here, & here
Mauve Button Up Shirt: Express (Sold Out), similar here
Camel Leather  'Jenisa' Boots: Bakers (selling these very one's on Poshmark!)
Belt (here), Bangels (Gifted), & Necklace (here) : H&M
Monogram Speedy 25 Bag: Louis Vuitton

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