Natural Selection

Monday, December 21, 2015

"You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" -Aretha Franklin

I love dressing for 2 people in this world: myself and my man. They say you gotta learn to love yourself before allowing another to be given the same love right? Well, prior to the natural selection of my relationship with Sean, I tried all kinds of trends, but always took them to the 10th degree of wacky, over the top, edgy, classic, sexy, you name it. Maybe it was because I was single that I felt the need to "over-dress" or "attention-grab" with certain trends. After loving myself for years while I was single, I finally found someone who naturally reciprocated the same love and made me want to be just as good of a woman to him, as he has been the good man to me. Whether I'm makeup-less in sweats or dolled up for date-night, my man loves me for the "natural woman" that I am inside and out. My style has since toned down, and I have Sean to thank for that. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still very much so up to date with the trends - in conjunction to beating to my own drum - however, I don't feel the need to dress for anyone's attention, cause the one person I want staring has all eyes on me ;-) Natural tones always look elevated, plain and simple. The overall head to toe neutral color palette exudes a sexy look, while is the basis of any simple yet elegant wardrobe. Getting a higher-end look is as easy as sticking to the same colors and simplified cuts (no designer labels required)! My look is a mixture of neutrals: Beige, Winter White, and Gray. Obsessed with Wolford's pieces! If you have never purchased from them, I suggest you at least go inside the store and try one item on to feel the difference. My Portland Pullover and Fatal dress (I styled as a maxi skirt here) fit like a dream. I also kept my accessories to a minimal to match my attire. I made sure my favorite strappy winter white Manolo Blahnik Chaos heels tied in with my winter white turtleneck, check and check! To add a buttery gray hue to the mix while also sticking to a reptilian theme, I recycled my snakeskin BCBG clutch and matched it up to my snake ring. I'm happy I have finally found a "natural" happy median when it comes to my relationship and style, cause "Before The Day I Met You, Life Was So Unkind, But You're The Key To My Peace Of Mind" ;-)

Nicole Scherzinger | Jennifer Lopez | Selena Gomez
White Turtleneck: Wolford Portland
Beige Skirt: Wolford Fatal
Clutch: BCBG
Strappy Heels: Manolo Blahnik Chaos
Snake Ring: H&M 
Diamond Stud Earrings: Tiffany's

Photography by: Sean Marchetti

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