The Kiani Krown

Friday, October 03, 2014

My last name, Kiani, is not only honorable in the material it is forever tied to in Iran, but what that material means to the countries honorable ancestors, and its people. I myself chose to incorporate the female version (Queen to all of y'all lol) of the beautiful Kiani crown jewels in my website photo, as well as combine my love for classic hip-hop music I grew up listening to by channeling my inner Notorious BIG. The ancestry of my last name, Kiani, is what I want to educate the people of this technological, reality show and social media-driven generation about. Because historically for myself and the millions of Iranian's in the world, the name Kiani is "kind of a big deal" ;-)

The Kiani Crown: 1796 to 1925
Fath Ali Shah  wearing the crown
Fath Ali Shah
Fath Ali Shah
Fath Ali Shah
Crown in the news 1911
Mohammad Ali Shah in the news 1911
Mozaffar ed Din Shah
Mozaffar ed Din Shah
The Kiani Crown a.k.a. The Imperial Crown Jewels of Iran (Royal Jewels of the Pahlavi Dynasty) was used in coronations from 1796 to 1925, and consisted of 1800 pearls, 300 emeralds and 1800 rubies. Undoubtedly one of the most fabulous crowns ever made in the history of the monarchies of the world, and is a testimony to the excesses of the Qajar Shahs who were always inclined towards pompous behavior. Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, had his own Pahlavi Crown designed, but the Kiani Crown was present during his coronation in 1926. I am forever grateful to have been blessed to obtain my last name, in its beauty, grace, status, and monarchical honor. The historical monarchy of the royal who wore the crown which bared my ancestor’s last name makes me proud to be a full blooded descendant to such a remarkable empire.

Hip Hop Royalty: Notorious BIG! I did my best to combine my love of Hip Hop while repping my Persian peeps in my website logo. Inspiration def came from this photo, with the incorporation of the Persian Monarchy's Kiani crown.
Even Hip Hop/R&B-spawnchild-royalty, Blu-Ivy is on the Kiani crown hype ;-)

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