Earn Your Stripes

Monday, November 23, 2015

"I Love Stripes Dressed Up With Black For The City and Dressed Down With White For The Beach" -Michael Kors

I have to agree with Mr. Kors, as I also love a classic piece that can be switched up from day to night! Just like the LBD, the stripe look is also a timeless trend. It returns on the runways and magazines year after year and is undeniably a wardrobe staple. For this shoot I chose this simple, yet elegant striped dress from BCBG, on sale at Bloomie's for $78!! Had to cop that real quick ;-) I normally wear more bodycon/formfitting dresses and skirts, but this dress's silhouette and sweetheart cut were so classy, and even fit the twins just right ;-) There's a subtle sexiness to this sophisticated dress, as it shows off my shoulders and chest without it being too revealing. Loving how it instantly creates an effortless chic appeal, adding value to my body shape by not being too short or too long but just the ideal length. Ladies,remember to be careful when choosing your stripes, as they should be chosen to match your body type. Horizontal stripes are known to increase the silhouette while vertical stripes elongate the body! They are actually very flattering if you choose the right cut. The best thing about classic black and white stripes is that you can add a pop of color to the look with your accessories, bag and heels, as I did with my Olivia + Joy coral clutch. Stripes in the form of tops, skirts, and of course, dresses have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas for many years, from the old Hollywood Glamour days to the new millennium of fashion forward women! Much of the inspiration to this shoot definitely came from my love for the old Hollywood Glam days. Women back in that era made stripes look so effortlessly chic, yet so incredibly sexy at the same time (my fav combo, duh!). I kept my heels and accessories to a minimal, and also classic. I paired my suede pumps and pearl earrings and cuff bracelet to this timeless ensemble, as the dress itself made quite a bold statement all on its own.

Fun Fact: Resort collections, which almost always incorporate stripes in their designs, used to be called "Cruise". This was most likely because everyone used to take a cruise in the winter months for some fun in the sun and to prevent “seasonal affective disorder.” I always assumed this is why there is so much red, white, and blue and sailor stripes hitting stores in the winter. Or perhaps it’s due to Coco Chanel who stole the French sailor’s striped shirt for her 1917 nautical collection. The original Breton striped shirt was the uniform of French sailors in Brittany.  There were 21 stripes to represent each of Napoleon’s victories over the British.

Ava Gardner 1950, Rita Hayworth 1940
Audrey Hepburn 1967, Marilyn Monroe 1954
Madonna 1993, Diana Ross, 1983
Lauryn Hill 2011, Taylor Swift 2012
Beyonce 2015, Christina Milian 2013

  Dress: BCBG
Clutch:  Olivia & Joy
Pearl & Jewel Embellished Bangle: Forever 21
Pearl Earrings: Tiffany's

Photography by: Sean Marchetti

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