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Monday, September 29, 2014

"I own too much black"...said no one ever! Lol! To me, the color black is the representation of power, sophistication, edge, glamour, and intoxicating mystery. Every race, color, and creed looks lovely in this color, so I naturally chose to keep my head-to-toe look in the same manner, with a touch of snakeskin!

In San Francisco our "summer" occurs sometime between September and November. So right now, we are in the in-between, bipolaresque weather, where it's sunny, and from looking out your apartment window it looks toasty, buuuuuttttt, don't be deceived, as once you step outside it's still a bit brisk. I decided to put together my weather-appropriately sexy turtleneck mini, with my still very much so in-style oversized coat for some added chic, military trend booties for edge, and a snakeskin clutch (and matching snake wrap ring!) for a pop of print! You can call me Mona..... Black Snake Mon-A if ya nastyyyyyy! Lol, ughhhh ok bad Janet Jackson/Black Snake Moan reference, but I swear I crack myself up, and that's all that matters, hehe.

2014 Runway Trend: Black Out
Hermes & Celine Fall/Winter Runway 2014
Balmain for Giuseppe Zanotti

Oversized Coat: Max Mara
Turtleneck Mini Dress: Forever 21
Military Booties: Balmain for Giuseppe Zanotti
Sunglasses: Celine
Silver Cuff: Forever 21
Snake Ring: H&M
Snakeskin Clutch: BCBG
Diamond Stud Earrings: Tiffany's

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