Persian New Year 2017 | Norooz 1396

Sunday, March 19, 2017

 This is the first year I decided it was time to create my first Nowruz (Persian New Year) spread, and I must say I'm so proud of how my work turned out! Having been celebrated for over 3000 years, Nowruz marks the first day of the Iranian calendar. It is the vernal equinox and signifies the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere. A table arrangement spread is created to celebrate Nowruz known as the Haft-Seen or Haft-Sin (Haft = 7, and Seen = The letter 'S' in Farsi), and there are 7 traditionally symbolic items placed on the spread that all start with the letter "S" from the Iranian alphabet. I adore my culture, as Persians are very passionate and deep people, and our traditions are represented by the beautiful symbolism incorporated in our New Year spread. My mother has always created our elaborate spread every year, but since Sean and I are now engaged and living together, I wanted to start our own tradition by continuing my part of our different cultures for our future family. Now you have to understand space is very limited in our quaint San Francisco condo, so I had to improvise size-wise, as well as budget-wise, since our wedding is around the corner. The items used to create my spread were purchased from the Dollar Tree, Target, Michael's, and of course, the local Middle-Eastern grocery store!  I kept the colors of my spread very neutral, sticking to clear, white, gold, and greens, as they are a clean and classic representation of what Spring embodies: a fresh start. Here is a brief breakdown of what the items on the Haft-Seen symbolize:

1.| Sabzeh - Wheat or lentil sprouts growing in a dish (symbolizing rebirth)
2.| Samanoo - A sweet pudding made from wheat germ (symbolizing affluence)
3.| Senjed - Dried fruit from the lotus tree (symbolizing love)
4.| Seer - Garlic (symbolizing medicine)
5.| Seeb - Apples (symbolizing beauty and health)
6.| Somaq - Sumac fruit (symbolizing the color of sunrise)
7.| Serkeh - Vinegar (symbolizing age and patience)

Sekkeh - coins (prosperity and wealth)
Sonbol - hyacinth flower (symbolizing the start of spring)

Ayyeneh vah Sham'dan - Mirror & Candles (symbolizing self reflection and enlightenment)
Tokmeh Morg - Decorated eggs (symbolizing fertility)
Mahi - Fish (symbolizing life)
Shirini - Sweets (symbolizing spreading sweetness)
Holy book or book of poetry (symbolizing God's blessing)

Aideh Noroozeh Hamehgee Mobarak! 
Translation: Happy Blessed New Year Celebration To You All!

Gold Mirrored Tray (used as Mirror): Target
Glitter Eggs: Target
Tall Tumbler Glass (used to place Hyacinth in): Target
Glass Taper Candle Holders: Dollar Tree
Taper Candles: Dollar Tree
Glass Plate (under Sabzeh): Dollar Tree
Glass Bowl (Eggs placed in): Dollar Tree
Holy Bible: Dollar Tree
Gold Pinch Jigger (used as Samanoo holder): CB2
Artificial Baby's Breath: Dollar Tree
Artificial Ivy: Dollar Tree
Artifical Lily's: Dollar Tree
Artificial Apple: Michael's
Metallic Gold Spray Paint (used on Apple): Michael's
Fish Tank: HomeGoods
Red Wine Glasses (Sumac & Vinegar placed in): HomeGoods
Glass Jar (lid and jar used for dried fruit/coins & garlic): HomeGoods

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