My Engagement - Save The Dates & Bridal Party

Thursday, March 02, 2017

"Meet Me At the Alter In Your White Dress
We Ain't Gettin No Younger, We Might As Well Do It
Been Feeling You All The While Girl, I Must Confess
Let's Get Married
Baby Let's Get Married" - Let's Get Married By Jagged Edge

After years of being single and kissing some toads, I'm so happy I finally found my prince charming! I'm still getting used to saying Sean is my "fiance", and as soon as he put a ring on it (literally and figuratively lol) is when not only our relationship, but even myself, felt different. It's a positive different, yet was very foreign in the beginning of our engagement. It's as if our relationship has become more solid, and our bond even stronger. As for myself, I felt a sense of calm and an entrance into a brand new 'adult' territory. When we attended my work holiday party, it was as if we were included into a "marriage club" we never knew existed lol. Mostly I'm just giddy with joy lol, and have learned when you bring up the "E" word everyone is happy for you and speak nothing but positive affirmations regarding your new relationship, and future marriage. All of it is really quite sweet, and always puts a wide Cheshire-cat-smile on my face. The ring itself makes me feel like a demure lady, and takes my breath away every time I take a gander at at it. There's literally an indent on my finger if/when I take it off, which let me tell ya, does not happen often. Sometimes I even wake in the middle of the night and run my thumb under the band to make sure it's still there. I really never thought I'd be this excited about the whole process of getting hitched, but I think it's because I finally found someone to be excited to go through the process with :-)

Once the intense rain storms during the winter subsided, we were blessed with a day of sunshine to take our beautiful engagement photos, which in turn we were able to create our much anticipated save the dates! Afterwards I finally asked my best girlfriends if they'd honor me by being a part of our special day. Luckily each of them happily obliged, and I could not be anymore ecstatic about that good news ;-)

Being engaged has been so much more the the engagement itself. The outpour of love and support from all of our family, friends, co-workers, and all of you has been outstanding. The love being showered into the next step of our relationship is incredible, and I'm extremely grateful! Hope you enjoy a lil' peek into some of our engagement photos below, as well as info on my Zuhair Murad inspired dress!

Zuhair Murad Inspired Dress: Here & Here
Velvet Calf  Mulese Sandal Heels: Celine 
Matte Lipstick: MAC Russian Red
Diamond Stud Earrings: Tiffany & Co.

Foil Pressed Save The Dates: Minted
B*tch please MOH Card: Etsy
Sh*t Just Got Real Bridesmaid Cards: Etsy

Engagement Photography By: Mira Zaslove

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