Glam Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I can't believe Valentine's Day is just a week and half away! I'm such a sucker for love....I can't help it, I just love, love, and have always been a hopeless romantic. Being a former song-writer, I always craved to listen to deep feelings penned in ink to create a relatable and passionate story about the topic into song. That's why myself and many others in enjoy hearing love songs! You feel like they're about your relationship, because when you're in love, it's all about you and your lover against the world. When I see others, young, old, and in-between sharing a sweet embrace, holding hands, or giving each other a lil' smooch, it makes my heart melt and I feel not only happy for their happiness, but it also makes me happy to see that kind of positive feeling being reinforced :-) I totally get that V-Day is a Hallmark-card-holiday, created as a marketing scheme to generate revenue during the winter, but for a second can we just focus on the love aspect...I mean, can I live??! LOL. Valentine's Day is my one of my favorite holidays (aside from my day of birth of course), as it's supposed to be a day surrounded around, and all about, my favorite feeling: love! Now, for me at least, errrryyyydaaayyyy is Valentine's Day, (as it should be!) but that's just my personality. Still, getting dolled up on this beautiful holiday and celebrating my love for my man is just a lil' something extra that I look forward to on the 14th every year! I have compiled some of my favorite glam Valentine's day items I am super obsessed with, and included purchase details below! Some I have already ordered,,, and other's I wish I could lol! Hey, a girl can dream!

I normally don't shop at CR, but this case is wayyyyy too cute! I also like how it is a durable rubber material which will protect your phone much better than a flimsy plastic one would.

This is the absolute best red lipstick color that works well with any skin tone! I've been wearing it for years, and Gwen Stefani is a huge fan of the color as well. It's matte, which is nice because it doesn't come off on your teeth or bleed around your mouth like most cream or sheer red's do.

I just ordered this dress in the Wine color for this year's V-Day, and ladies, it's on sale fora whopping $16!! The bodycon choker dress is very on trend and super sexy, and comes in 2 colors to choose from.

[4] For Love & Lemon's Heart Bralette + Victoria's Secret Heart T Thong
I bought this bralette last year, and plan on utilizing it again this year! It's super comfy and it doesn't hurt that it's festive as well ;-) With strategic placement of the heart decal, it'll be sure to leave a lil' something to the imagination ;-) I can't find a link to the heart thong, as I found it by it's lonesone during their semi-annual sale, but found similar here and here

These would be categorized under things "I wish I could order" as they are a bit out of my price range, however, oh so swoon-worthy. Maybe next year ;-)

These heels are everything! They work perfectly with a simple LBD or red dress that you'd like to spice up!

I've just placed my order on amazon, and can't wait to breathe in this heavenly smell. Fun Fact: Diptyque candle's glass jars are so pretty, they are great to re-purpose as a glam accessory holder for the following items: Makeup brushes, Q-tips, lipsticks, mascara's, pens/pencils, bobby pins, cotton rounds, and even flowers to name a few!

[8] Kate Spade Be Mine Heart Purse
Perfect little cross-body to hold the essentials when out and about running errands, and classy little purse when the strap is removed and paired with an effortless blouse and midi skirt. The hearts are just too cute for words!

LOVE baggy sweatshirts like this one! Order 1 size up for that "I woke up like this" look, whether chilling at home or out in some distressed boyfriend jeans. Soft and statement-making! 

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