Welcome To My First Fabulous Post!!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I would like to give a warm welcome to your phenomenal self for checking out my blog! I absolutely love to write, whether it's a letter, a poem, a song, or just keeping a journal, I find it very healing and intimate when I am able to let all of my inhibitions go (without the help of alcohol lol!) and pour my soul through pen & paper and/or fingers & keyboard. This is not the first blog I have managed; I originally gave some fun dating advice to listener's of the Bay Area's #1 hits station 99.7NOW! on their website. If you are interested please feel to check them out here:

This blog won't be advice oriented like my previous one for the radio station, rather, it will feature my passion for the arts: fashion, music, with a hint of my Persian heritage of course. Think of my blog as my own online diary, but without a lock and key ;-)

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my old and new stuff. I would love to hear some feedback  regarding your personal love of fashion and music, and if you were a previous follower of my dating blogs, feel free to let me know if you also had similar experiences in the dating world, and/or how you may have handled situations the same or differently. Either way, I hope all my old and new followers enjoy reading this Persian Princess's diary!


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