Sean's Daytime Film Premiere Attire

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My amazingly creative boyfriend, Sean Marchetti, is a film director, and the debut for his short film is being premiered in his hometown of San Francisco on Saturday, June 20th! I could not be more proud and excited for him! He asked me to put together an ensemble that wasn't too casual, nor too over the top. So that translates to no T-Shirt & Jeans, or Suit & Tie. Check and check lol!!!
 A blazer is always a go-to to dress up a casual outfit, so I opted for one in the color of Navy. Navy is the perfect men's daytime blazer color, as it can also easily transition into the evening should your time playout in that manner, and if put together correctly. Not only is this an affordable ensemble for him, since he already owns everything on this board sans the blazer, but he's also going to look like a million bucks without having to spend that amount. That way, I can make sure we're able to celebrate afterwards in style, without him breaking the bank... and that's what a good girlfriend like myself is here for ;-)

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